Postbōk is a speculative project that pretends to sensorially enhance the reading experience within a nearby future in which the barrier between the physical and digital world will be more diffuse than ever. 
Therefore, Postbōk suggests a new immersive reading experience for a post-digital society composed of three new reading formats between paper and screen: the scroll reader, the phygital book and the notification book, located in three different stages.
This new future context leads the project to an attempt to open up a brand new atmosphere, in which the reading community takes a leading role and technology is used as a tool to enhance our sensory capabilities to interact with books and literature itself.
Postbōk: Towards an immersive reading culture
Nominated to the 9th edition of the ei! Awards 2020, ELISAVA
Presented on Blanc Festival 2020
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Art Direction
June, 2020